Team talk

Tea, Scones & Tech: An afternoon at Microsoft

by Fiona Magill

Last week, the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) hosted a week of ‘Upfronts’. This unique week provided a platform for media owners, tech companies and content creators to showcase their most innovative and coveted creative inventory packages. Continue reading

A moderator’s approach to social media

by Emily Eaves

We have gone a bit social media crazy – both personally and in business. As a marketer, I am bombarded daily with contrasting information about social media. One minute I’m told it will drive business through the roof, the next I’m warned about its darker side.
Based on everything I have read, listened to and discussed, I have come to my own conclusion. Much like everything else in life, I have adopted an ‘in moderation’ approach to social media. Continue reading

It’s showtime! Our paid internship programme

by Emily Turner

At The Team our paid internship programme has grown over a number of years, offering new graduates professional experience with both our brand and digital teams. We love to support and grow new talent by visiting grad shows and giving talks and studio visits to various universities throughout the UK. Working alongside graduates in the studio is really important to us and it’s a great way of finding new Team members too – we’ve successfully hired 4 Junior Designers over the last 2 years. Continue reading

Are you ready for a ‘Team Workout?

by Emily Eaves

At The Team we love to support andnurture new talent and have done so for as long as we can remember through our paid internship programme. This year we are changing the way in which we recruit talent to offer more people the opportunity to be a Team intern through our new recruitment event ‘Team Workout’. Continue reading

In or Out of Office?

by Fiona Magill

Holiday season is almost upon us and with us the ritual of what every working person does pre-holiday – hand over to colleagues, ensure clients are informed of who is their go-to person while you’re away and make a list of the final tasks, must be undertaken before boarding that flight. Continue reading

Crafting creativity

by Emily Eaves

As a child I used to love arts and crafts. I remember contently sitting for hours and hours making cards, modelling clay, quilling, painting and drawing- anything that allowed me to express my creativity. I spent all my pocket money in arts and crafts shops, gazing in wonderment over all the materials, revelling in the colours and textures and thinking about what I could use for my next art project. So where did my passion for arts and crafts go?

Continue reading