Team talk

The Internet’s birthday marks the end of digital ‘jack of all trades’

by Nick Corston

I’ve become a bit of a fan boy of serendipity in the last few years and was particularly delighted to wake up today to the radio news announcing the 25th anniversary of the birth of the internet. Not least as we just had client sign off also today to announce a fantastic win for The Team, to handle the digital experience design work for English Heritage at a particularly exciting time for them.

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Marks & Spencer Shwopping poster campaign

by Emily Eaves

The M&S Shwop campaign began as an internal CSR initiative that later progressed to become their biggest non-product campaign rolled out to M&S customers across the country in stores and online. The basic idea is that staff and customers donate their unwanted clothes, which are then sold in Oxfam shops, shipped to Africa for resale in local markets, or recycled to support the environment.

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Encouraging behaviour change

by Dr John McCarthy

How do you get every employer in the country to do things differently? It’s a massive exercise in both communications and behaviour change. Here at The Team we use techniques developed by P.J. Fogg to help us, which focuses on three design factors that are important to persuade behaviour change:

Ability – Is it easy for people to do?
Motivation – Do people want to do it?
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Part 2: Employee engagement begins at home

by Emily Eaves

In conjunction with our Christmas card and its theme of giving, The Team undertook ’12 days of fundraising’ in the lead up to Christmas for Make-A-Wish foundation, a heart-warming charity that grants wishes to children with life threatening conditions.

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The Team at Christmas

by Fiona Magill

Every year, The Team tasks itself with producing a bespoke client ‘Christmas card’. The planning for this usually gets underway just as we are thinking about carving pumpkins and donning goblin costumes. This year was no exception, with the brief of ‘giving’ going out to the whole agency in October.
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