Can AI design better brands?

Can AI design better brands? cover

For brands, reputation is everything.

Building trust with customers is an ongoing pursuit, it can take years to achieve and seconds to undo.

With the growing influence of artificial intelligence in the design of brand services for customers, we asked the UK public for their view on whether AI can do a better job than humans in enhancing customer loyalty.

The results were interesting …

Q: Do you believe artificial intelligence can design better services for customers?

  • 45% Yes
  • 23% No
  • 32% Not sure

Q: Would you be more or less likely to trust a brand that has been designed by Artificial Intelligence?

  • 5% More likely
  • 46% Less likely
  • 32% Neither
  • 16% Not sure

Q: How important to you is it that humans are involved in originating the brands you choose?

  • 46% Very important
  • 40% Quite important
  • 10% Neither
  • 3% Less important
  • 2% Not important at all

The results suggest that AI designed brands and services are still in their infancy, where customers have either yet to experience an AI service – or simply aren’t aware of AI involvement in the brands they choose.

But while people feel it’s important for human expertise to be involved in originating brands, there’s a growing belief that Artificial Intelligence can make a significant difference to enhancing the brand experience.


So, why might people believe that AI can design better services for customers?

Clearly, AI has the power to analyse vast amounts of data to uncover patterns and preferences for tailored and efficient services. Its ability to operate 24/7 ensures consistent and reliable customer support, while its predictive capabilities allow businesses to proactively address customer needs and trends.

AI can also streamline processes and reduce costs, leading to faster service delivery and potential savings for customers. The combination of data-driven insights, personalisation, efficiency, and continuous improvement, makes AI a powerful tool for enhancing customer service quality.

Though, a data driven brand does have its short comings.

Specifically the lack of human empathy.

This might explain why people continue to expect human involvement in originating the brands they choose.

Brands establish strong customer connections when they integrate authenticity, transparency and trust as the basis for all customer experiences. These qualities are essential for creating nuanced and innovative design services.

Concerns about AI’s potential biases, data privacy issues, and the dependency on high-quality data are likely to be contributing factors to why people are less likely to trust a brand designed by Artificial Intelligence.

Human involvement in originating brands will continue to bring the critical and creative thinking required to forge the brands we grow to love.

The kindling for meaningful experiences and connections resides within brands genuinely seeking to understand their audiences, what they want and how their offer will be of value to them.

Undoubtedly, AI is the powerful lever brands can draw down to significantly accelerate enhancements in delivering better functional services for customers. Human intervention will continue to design brands which deliver the surprise and delight moments when customers least expect it.


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