Hear Bruce Daisley talk about The Joy of Work & Fortitude

26 July at 10.00am (BST)


We are inviting friends and clients of The Team to join us for a 1-hour talk on the future for the workplace, and how to truly connect with employees.

Bruce Daisley was VP at Twitter, responsible for EMEA and has bags of insights into what makes a great workplace tick. His book The Joy of Work outlines how organisations can make work less stressful and a lot more fun. It examines productivity and cultural pitfalls that can be found in the workplace and provides solutions for increased efficiency.
Long before the pandemic enforced behavioural change in the workplace, Bruce was advocating for a different approach to how the workplace comes to life – a struggle that every employer is having right now. He’ll explore some of the answers with you.

His new book, Fortitude, explores that over-used word ‘resilience’ and how employees can unlock inner strengths, at work and at home.

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