Chloe Combi: Gen Z

The consumers, the employees, the future of work culture.

Chloe Combi

Thursday 25th July, 4pm BST

📍 Online, via Zoom (free event)

A trusted authority on Gen Z

We’re excited to announce that July’s With The Team talk will be delivered by Chloe Combi: futurist, consultant, educational specialist, radio presenter and speaker.

Chloe is a trusted authority on the mindset of young people – specifically Generation Z (born between 1995-2009) and Generation A (born between 2010-2024), having interviewed over 20,000 young people globally.

She applies these insights and learnings to the challenges and ambitions of brands, companies, governments, schools, and institutions, helping them to understand and prepare for both the present and future. 

What will be covered in this talk?

During her 30-minute talk, Chloe will discuss 3 major topics:

✔️ Who are Generation Z?

✔️ Generation Z as consumers

What they look for in brands, what they’re buying, success stories and some myth-busting. (Spoiler alert: they’re not all hippies and activists obsessed with wearing ‘green’ products!)

✔️ Gen Z as employees

Getting ready for multiple generations working together, the future of office culture and becoming an aspirational company young employees want to work for.


This will be a fascinating, insightful, and inspirational talk from a leading voice on Generation Z and their values as consumers, employees, and change-makers.

A futurist doesn't have a crystal ball, but she does know what is coming, by studying future generations.

Chloe Combi

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