Jon Ronson with The Team

Tuesday 4 June, 11am

📍 Everyman Cinema in Borough Market, London SE1.

We’re extremely excited to announce that award winning author and podcast host Jon Ronson will be joining us to talk to our clients and friends of The Team.

In this exclusive event, Jon will speak to us in person at the Everyman Cinema in Borough Yards, which is just around the corner from us here in Teamspace!

If you’ve listened to Jon’s podcast series ‘Things Fell Apart’,then you’ll know the importance of getting to the truth in any story.

As communicators and marketing professionals, we know the power of stories to influence behaviour.

And we also know the untold damage they can cause.

Jon will talk about the importance of understanding the origins of your stories.

As the author of books including ‘The Psychopath Test’ and the ‘The Men Who Stared at Goats’, Jon has gone above and beyond to understand what makes people think the things they think, and do the things they do.

In this session, Jon will talk about the themes emerging from the culture wars that are important for us to remember as we develop communications and marketing content.

He’ll look at how morphing or evolving definitions and narratives can divide people, and stories can spin out of control. From workplace culture to the obsession with categorising people as ‘segments’, nothing is off the table.

There will also be the opportunity for you to put your questions to Jon at the end.

I was curious to learn how things fell apart, and so I went back in history to find the origin stories, the pebbles thrown in the pond creating the ripples.

Jon Ronson, Things Fell Apart

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