Senior Motion Designer

We are looking for a content creator, designer, animator or filmmaker to lead our moving image work at The Team. Are you passionate about brand and how brands tell their story? Can you bring visual identities and the stories that brands want to tell to life? If you are, then a we’d encourage you to talk with us about joining as a full time Senior Motion Designer.

At The Team, we use animation and filmmaking to tell stories for our clients. We make brands move. We make moving stories. We want an exciting new team player to join our business, wow our clients and help lead this effort.

The Team’s design community is a multi-disciplinary group of creatives which include Brand, UX, UI, Motion and Production designers. A highly collaborative collective and technically skilled creators and makers, driven by creative thinking, designed to inspire.

As a multi-disciplined creative with a clear focus on animation and film, you’ll be collaborating with one or several project teams in creating brilliant, innovative, and carefully crafted motion work. Your exceptional creative and technical animation and storytelling skills will shape and present brand stories which move people.

You’ll need to be able to lead projects, create storyboards, design style frames, and help pitch visually and conceptually on new work. Good communication and presentation skills will be key. Fluency in Cinema 4D, After Effects, Redshift, Premiere Pro, Ableton Live, Audition, Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.

You’ll be responsible for:

  • Exploring and developing visual identities through motion, creating stings, graphic devices and interactive prototypes
  • Planning and realising films and other motion content, from initial script and storyboard through to production and editing
  • Producing and delivering high quality, easily usable motion assets that are readily adopted across our clients’ organisations
  • Continuously discovering new tools, processes and ideas, adding to the breadth and diversity of creative development in the community
  • Making smart connections between clients’ needs and technical possibilities and between static and moving design elements
  • Close collaboration with teams large or small, being responsive to their needs and assisting them in finding the best use of motion
  • Managing your own time, meeting deadlines and advising on planning projects
  • Promoting and being a crucial part of company culture and values
  • Managing incoming motion portfolios, identifying talent for future collaborations
  • Identifying suitable and specific motion design support for incoming projects
  • Manage online video hubs (Vimeo &
  • 4 years creative experience in motion design, animation, film or interactive, either in a production company, design studio or freelance capacity.
  • You’re an expert in After Effects and Adobe CC, have a solid understanding of 3D and keep a keen eye on any new motion tools as they become available
  • be expert in film and animation principles – timing, framing, lighting and design – and can channel these to create compelling films and experiences

If this sounds like you, please email your CV to: