Are you effectively recognising your people?

Reward and Recognition

82% of people are happier when they are recognised at work so it’s no wonder that it’s a top initiative when it comes to a brands employee value proposition (EVP).

Recognising your employees could be as extravagant as an awards ceremony but it can also be as simple as a ‘thank you’. It sounds straight forward but changing a company culture takes time, collaboration and commitment but it’s worth it because effective recognition strategies can lead to a happier work culture which can lead to increased productivity and retention. How?

Wellbeing: Encourage better mental health by using recognition to show you value people. Feeling valued is a basic human need, it drives purpose and belonging.

Retention: Companies with formal recognition programmes have 31%* less voluntary turnover than organisations that don’t (*Deloitte).

Motivation: When people are appreciated, motivation increases. Praise boosts moral, giving people confidence to step out of their comfort zone, driving performance.

Inclusion: Well-designed recognition solutions help to build and sustain a culture that is inclusive, diverse, connected, and empowered.

Sending employees a clear message that what they’re doing matters is essential because it reinforces the value that they bring and encourages employees to set and reach goals.

Creating a culture of recognition graph

Great recognition doesn’t have to be expensive but done right it’s an immensely powerful tool, 37% identified recognition as the most important driver of great work in a recent employee engagement study.

Recognition works best when employee experience is considered from each and every touchpoint. Our point of difference is that we’re able to help you develop a complete employee engagement journey, right from defining the essence of your company through a new and inspiring employee value proposition, joining delights that set the tone for new starters, recognition that truly values contribution, through to long service awards and positive offboarding.


Here at The Team, our recognition strategies are backed by behavioural science to help us understand why people do what they do so we can design effective solutions to drive positive change, making sure wellbeing is at the core of programmes.

We’ve implemented employee engagement solutions specially designed to create a culture of positivity for brands such NatWest, Southwest Airlines and IBM for an impressive 40 years.

Is it time to change or implement your recognition offer as part of your wellbeing strategy? We know what it takes to create stand out recognition as unique as your people to drive loyalty as part of a happy healthy culture.

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