International Women’s Day One

International Women’s Day One cover

We all know phrase ‘what a difference a day makes.’

Well, today on International Women’s Day it got me thinking: does a day make a difference?

Please don’t get me wrong, it has nothing to do with the subject. At all.

I champion women’s achievements as often as I can (daily, in different ways. And I’m acutely aware of the struggles and inequalities that still need to be overcome – and not just for women, it’s important to add).

It’s not even really about the increased noise this year regarding the obvious virtue signalling and hijacking of the day for PR purposes (frustrating as it is).

It’s more the fact that it’s a day.

I know a day that stands for something can change many things. Just think of all the money raised for Children in Need, for example. But sometimes its simply not enough to make a meaningful difference, and I think International Women’s Day is an example of this.

Of course, it does create awareness of important issues, but it’s so fleeting.

Once the day has passed, the responsibility to keep the dialogue going dissipates, falling to the dedicated organisations or committed individuals.

And I think we need more than this to deliver the change we need to see.

So why don’t we think differently about International Women’s Day this year?

Why don’t we treat it as ‘IWD One’ and use it to make plans.

I’d like us to sign up to year-long commitments that drive tangible change and equality, at work and in society, that we can look back on this time next year and say yes, we did make a difference. But it took longer than a day.