What makes a ‘superbrand’?

The Beatles, the ultimate super brand.

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The Team worked with The Beatles for nearly ten years, under the guidance of our Creative Partner, Rick Ward. We caught up with Rick to hear the true story of what it was like to work with the Fab Four.

Spoiler alert: Don’t miss deadlines, or it’ll cost you a lot in penalty fees.

Working with brands like The Beatles teaches you a lot. And, from my perspective, there are some key characteristics that make the Beatles a ‘superbrand’…


The Beatles are one of the most iconic and recognisable bands in the world, with their music and style inspiring millions around the world. When you say Beatles, you’re not capturing one sound or image, but a whole host of experiences wrapped up in an idea.


The Beatles established themselves as innovators of rock music, pioneering genres such as art rock and psychedelic rock, while experimenting with genres like avant-garde electronic music and chamber pop for later albums.


Despite being over sixty years old, The Beatles’s music has remained relevant to successive generations of fans across the globe. They tell a story that has a simple human truth at its heart: be open, honest, respectful and unafraid, and people will listen.

Consistent Quality

Across all of their albums, EPs and singles spanning nine years, The Beatles continuously produced great sound and song writing that stands up to today’s standards—solidifying their reputations as a truly timeless band with significant staying power

Global Branding Strategy

From early on in their career, The Beatles quickly utilised advertising strategies to establish a global presence while making sure they maintained control over their creative output—ensuring that they remain one of the most profitable bands ever counted by Forbes magazine year after year since 2012..

Cultural Influence

The Beatles’ expansive influence can also be felt in popular culture to this day, with many “Beatlemaniacs” still around the world proudly representing their fandom and attributing their own personal style and lifestyle to the band.

Take these 6 lessons and apply them to your brand in the way that The Beatles have, and you’ll create something lasting.

We’ve worked with brands like Rightmove, Microsoft, NATs, Gas Safe and Wolseley, and in every instance we have tried to pull on these truisms. Be iconic, innovative, relevant and consistent. Have a clear strategy and create fans.