Helping investors to see more than money

Moneyfarm Hammock


To create a brand campaign for Moneyfarm to amplify who they are and highlight the benefits of investing for individuals, families, and the wider community.

Moneyfarm is one of Europe’s leading digital wealth managers. Founded in Milan in 2011, its to help people improve their financial well-being by making personal investing straightforward and accessible through technology.

After a low-key launch in 2016, awareness of Moneyfarm in the UK was low.

The Covid-19 pandemic caused many people to rethink how they live their lives, both personally and professionally.

This gave Moneyfarm the opportunity to present a different approach to investing and wealth.



We began by exploring how we could visually and verbally create an impactful, emotive campaign that differentiated the Moneyfarm brand.

Our aim was to channel Moneyfarm’s Italian heritage and quality, and reflect their simplicity and service standards. We wanted to create a campaign that tuned into the aspirations and goals of our target audience.

We decided to create a high-impact illustration and messaging style.

This gave us a powerful way to communicate confidence, security and meaning to potential and existing investors.


Moneyfarm’s research showed that around 30% of Brits reassessed their financial goals during lockdown.

This meant wealth management companies had a greater responsibility to help give customers confidence in their financial decisions.

For Moneyfarm, the pandemic provided an opportunity to refocus.

They turned their attention back to their core brand values of simplicity, expert guidance, and an accessible investment strategy.

Our target audience were curious, busy go-getters looking for experts who matched their personality – pragmatic yet visionary.

For the campaign, we used a more attitudinal and behavioural approach to targeting.  We did this by overlaying existing demographic targeting with high-impact motivators that drive consumer behavior.

For our audience, wealth means so much more than just money.


We created a multi-channel campaign to run across OOH London bus networks, complemented by digital and social advertising.

The campaign highlighted the benefits of simpler investing and its long-term positive impact on financial wellbeing. It sharpened the focus on what investing can achieve for customers as they reassess their financial goals.

The campaign targeted curious and busy optimists.

It explored how investing can create a sense of achievement, as well as the freedom to pursue life goals or facilitate a greater work-life balance.

A specially commissioned illustration by Mantas Tumosa taps into emotive storytelling.

It uses high-impact motivators to deliver the core campaign message of, See more than money.

A campaign landing page provided an interactive opportunity for potential investors to explore their attitudes to investment, and the benefits of choosing Moneyfarm.