Parkinson’s UK Brand Refresh



We were tasked with turning the Parkinson’s Disease Society from a passive support charity into an active brand campaigning to find a cure and change misconceptions surrounding Parkinson’s.


We defined a new brand purpose and personality, name, a provocative visual identity, tone of voice and a powerful call-to-action to inspire a new generation of supporters.

We involved people in the brand – giving individuals the means to communicate what it’s really like to live with Parkinson’s and turning Parkinson’s UK into a movement that everyone could be part of.

It was the first brand in the sector brave enough to use the word ‘cure’ and one of the first to adopt the attributes of a social movement – drawing inspiration from protest graphics.

Because no one should have to face Parkinson’s alone, we designed the strategy report in an accessible, inclusive and engaging way that reflected the ethos of the Parkinson’s UK brand.


of leadership stated that unlocking permission to act was essential
of local branches adopted the new brand in the first month
£122 million+
Income surpassed all expectations for their five-year growth plan, raising more than £122 million.


Design Business Association, Design Effectiveness Award, 2011

Our new brand will allow the voice of people living with Parkinson’s to be heard much more clearly and make sure that everyone knows that because we are here, no one has to face Parkinson’s alone.

Steve Ford, Chief Executive at Parkinson’s UK