Shepherd Neame

An annual report that celebrates people, pubs, products and community

Shepherd Neame Annual Report


Shepherd Neame is Britain’s oldest brewer. Established in 1698, the family run company has more than 300 pubs throughout London and the south east of England.

The Team has been producing the Shepherd Neame annual report for more than 20 years. In 2019, we were asked to create an annual report that included all the financial and business information required, and also reflected Shepherd Neame’s modern brand, community work and wide range of locations.


  • Shepherd Neame wanted to use the annual report as a marketing tool, highlighting its investment in new beers, new pubs, and the significant updating and renovation work it had done on its brand and at many of its locations.
  • The company was also keen to show its involvement in local communities across the region, through events such as the Faversham hop festival, and its sponsorship of local sports teams and events.
  • We created an annual report that was modern and colourful, with bold photography that reflected Shepherd Neame’s modern clientele and showcased many of the brewery’s stunning locations.


The Shepherd Neame business is more than 400 years old, but has a dynamic outlook and very modern focus. The annual report needed to be more than a simple business communications tool, accurately reflecting the Shepherd Neame strategy and diversity.

We chose a bold, modern typography, with bright and dynamic colours.

Working closely with the Chief Executive and marketing department, we used lifestyle photos of the different pubs to accurately showcase the brewery’s diverse nature and wide customer base.

The finished Shepherd Neame annual report reflected the brand from cover to cover, using aspirational imagery to showcase the brewery’s many locations. We often included photos of the pubs’ landlords, staff and customers, allowing their people to sparkle.

The brewery’s business strategy is clearly and concisely on display from the start of the report, with the book being structured clearly to reflect the different aspects of the company.