‘Patience’ Film: Raising awareness around accessibility and train travel


The fast-paced and busy nature of train travel can create unseen obstacles and stressors for those with visible and non-visible accessibility requirements.

Southeastern wanted to draw attention to this sometimes hidden issue, by communicating a gentle message of how far empathy and understanding for your fellow passengers can go.


We recognised the tone of the campaign had to be balanced and positive, reflecting the vast array of accessibility needs of Southeastern’s travellers. In order for people to truly connect with the content, it was important for the tone of the campaign did not alienate or criticise its viewers.


We produced a film that told the stories of 4 people with varying visible and non-visible accessibility requirements to represent the breadth of experiences of train travel. With a script framed from their point of view, it enabled all passengers to engage with the stories, encouraging compassion and awareness among those who watched it.

The tagline ‘We are all passengers’ ran through the campaign, uniting Southeastern’s passengers, creating a sense of community, and boosting the empathy and patience among all those taking the trains.