Reassuring Southeastern passengers post-lockdown through film

SE Reassurance


Facing unchartered territory post-lockdown, Southeastern wanted to connect with their customers, assuring them that they’re in safe hands on their trains.

They approached us to help create a film to reassure their passengers and encourage them to travel with confidence.


As the public was facing a lot of uncertainty, the film’s message was kept simple and positive to cut through the noise, written in a reassuring rhythm.

With many of us being reunited with loved ones for the first time, we chose to centre the film around 2 people getting ready to come back together after lockdown. It showed the small pleasures of getting back to normal, the joy in the daily routine and the excitement of travelling to see a friend or family member.

We also chose to highlight the measures Southeastern had undertaken to keep their passengers safe. So, not only can their passengers feel excited to get back to normal, but they can feel safe and confident while doing so. The message, ‘We’ll help you get there’ was spotlighted throughout the film, reassuring their customers on both a literal and emotional level.