The NHS: 75 years of teamwork

The NHS: 75 years of teamwork

This week marks 75 years of the NHS! 75 years of teamwork and a commitment to the belief that healthcare should be free and available to all.

Now, in 2023, the NHS treats over a million people in England every day. Incredible.

Today, we’re casting our minds back to the late 90s – 1998, to be precise – the year the NHS celebrated its 50th anniversary.

To help mark and publicise anniversary events, The Team was invited to create an anniversary brand that incorporated the NHS logotype.

This brand was used throughout the NHS, as well as by its partners and sponsors. It was met with great success, giving the NHS the confidence to take the its identity to the next stage and justify allocating time and resources for a full, thorough roll-out of the one, single identity.

The Department of Health appointed The Team to build out and implement the corporate identity nationally. It’s this identity that we now know and love throughout the whole NHS!

Last year, we celebrated out 40th anniversary. As part of our celebrations, filmed a short interview with our old Partner, Peter Mills, about what that experience was like to help the NHS roll out its brand identity across the UK.