ICAEW Annual Report

More than just the numbers

A digital first annual report for ICAEW, by The Team.


As a progressive and forward-thinking organisation with carbon neutral status, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) look upon their annual report as an important opportunity to reflect and look forward.

Emerging from the pandemic, the ICAEW wanted to raise the bar higher than ever before by taking a digital-first approach to their annual report.

They wanted to report on their achievements and plans in a way that would create a sense of pride and demonstrate a clear and differentiated value.


We recommended that the annual report be used as an opportunity to tell the story of the organisation in a powerful, engagine way. Through it, we would connect the strategic narrative to the people behind the success, placing employees and members at its heart.

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How we did it

Our focus was to develop a striking new visual approach. We worked with expert photographers to showcase ICAEW members and employees, capturing striking and energetic portraits.

These photographs were then combined with snappy headlines and bold use of brand accents to draw readers in and bring the organisation to life in a new way.

We designed a bespoke landing page for the report which provided users with different ways to access the report. These options were based on the amount of time the user had to engage with the report: 1 minute (film), 5 minutes (highlights) or plenty of time (full report).

Assets were specially designed to make it easy for ICAEW’s own people and wider audiences to share the news of their new report across own social networks.