Where science meets nature

Primient: Where science meets nature

The Brief

KPS Capital Partners – known for their prowess in acquiring and developing industry-leading companies – faced a significant challenge after obtaining a controlling stake in the primary product’s unit of Tate & Lyle.

The task at hand was to establish a new standalone brand called Primient.

It needed to be capable of standing out in multiple markets as a new purpose, proposition and direction for the business.


Our goal was to create a brand that would carve out Primient’s path in the market and symbolise the integration of science and nature.

So, we set about devising a comprehensive strategy for the brand aligned to our Brand Value Model.


1. Strategic Brand Naming: Recognising the need for immediate impact and identification, we coined the name ‘Primient,’ a fusion of ‘primary’ and ‘ingredient,’ signifying the core essence of the business.


2. Brand Strategy Development: We constructed a brand strategy that consistently communicated Primient’s core purpose – building a better future through the unification of science and nature. This strategy was customer-centric, aiming to attract new markets while retaining existing and attracting new customers.


3. Value Proposition Implementation: Ensuring that the brand’s identity, design and culture aligned seamlessly with the vision, we embedded a powerful value proposition emphasising Primient’s progressiveness, sustainability and forward-thinking approach.


4. Customer-Centric Approach: The strategy was developed with the customer as its focal point. It aimed not only to speak to new markets, but also to resonate with diverse customer segments, ensuring broad appeal and loyalty.


5. Reflecting Core Values: Recognising Primient’s unique value lay in its progressiveness and sustainability, we structured the brand strategy to consistently reinforce these values at every touchpoint.


6. Integrated Brand Identity: The brand identity was designed to mirror the business strategy at every stage of the project, creating a cohesive and recognizable representation of Primient.

Taking inspiration from science and nature

We used geometric shapes derived from the worlds of nature and science, to form the building blocks of a brand identity.

Reflecting the very essence of what Primient produces – ingredients – they come together to form a distinctive ‘P’.

Simple and authentic

The simple graphic language used allows for a variety of brand expressions that can be used across different communications, touch points and audiences.

Through this imagery, we authentically bring to life the different stages of food productions; from produce, process to final consumer products.

Brand basics guide

A simple brand basics guide brings together the kit of Primient brand parts, along with how best to use them.

From a colour palette derived from the worlds of science and nature, to a typeface selected for its best practice accessibility. Showcasing both a brand in action from day one, as well as ideas to inspire tomorrow.

Integrating the brand

Exploration of how the Primient brand could be integrated into different materials and substrates within environments formed the basis of our work, shaping the interiors of the Chicago head office.


Our Brand Value Model combined with our comprehensive approach helped to successfully establish Primient.

The impact was evident in several key areas:

Market Recognition: Primient quickly gained recognition in diverse markets, standing out as a distinct entity.

Customer Engagement: The customer-centric approach enabled engagement with new markets, drawing in a broader customer base and retaining the loyalty of existing ones.

Brand Cohesion: The seamless integration of strategy, identity, design, and culture ensured that Primient’s values and vision were consistently upheld, reinforcing the brand at every touchpoint.

Progressiveness and Sustainability: Primient’s unique value proposition of progressiveness and sustainability became synonymous with the brand, setting it apart in an industry that values innovation and environmental consciousness.

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