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The Team creative branding agency. Scope rebrand a game-changing brand accessible design

As part of its successful launch, Scope’s new brand has been brought to life and rolled out across all areas of the organisation. Scope’s Brand and Creative Manager Hannah Redmond talks about the impact it has had internally and externally and how building accessibility from the start has been key to achieving inspirational design.

I’m writing this from our new and fully accessible offices on the site of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Our new colour pallette and imagery is visible all around and our logo proudly marked on the wall. It feels quite incredible to reflect on how far we’ve come as a brand over the last 18 months.

Since launching this summer there isn’t a single area of the organisation that the new Scope brand hasn’t influenced in one way or another. Our personality – the ‘Disability Gamechanger’- inspired our recent campaign about ending disability inequality, bringing to life the essence of the brand. It’s also allowed us to develop a framework to help our audiences navigate our services to find the support that is right for them. We are now able to stand out, cut through and fundraise in a challenging climate, and proudly stand side-by-side with other influential brands.

Building accessibility into the brand from the start has been a key factor in achieving all this. Not a day goes by where we don’t use the insights from our focus group and our experts to put inclusive design at the heart of our processes and make decisions with confidence. This has helped us support colleagues to champion accessibility in the different areas of their work, and in doing so creating a better experience for all our audiences.

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“I found the layout of the materials really easy to look at from a visually impaired perspective. It was all so straightforward and easy to understand.” – Chloe, Volunteer

We feel fortunate to have set out on this journey with The Team and for their shared commitment to championing inclusive design. Co-hosting our Inclusive Design event with them last week was a fantastic opportunity to put accessibility at the front of mind within our networks and demonstrate that it isn’t a barrier to creativity but in fact, a way of enabling it.

There have been many positive responses to our commitment to this and a widespread understanding that it’s not only the right thing to do, but that being able to reach more of our audience makes good business sense too. We’re very excited to spread the word and support others to achieve inclusive design and continue to build a movement of Disability Gamechangers.

We’re looking forward to building awareness and support for Scope and using our new brand as a platform to make our presence known. This autumn we’ll be launching our new website, our next milestone campaign and continuing to roll the brand out across more touch points. All of this with accessibility built in from the start.

We’ll also be continuing to spread the message about the importance of Inclusive Design and look forward to seeing others join the movement.

Download our inclusive design poster – designing with accessibility in mind

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