Imperial Private Healthcare

Imperial Private Healthcare

The Brief

Imperial Private Healthcare (now Imperial College Healthcare – Private Care) is a crucial strategic commercial function of Imperial College Healthcare Trust.

It provides patients with outstanding clinical healthcare on a private healthcare basis within dedicated wards in Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust hospitals, generating millions of pounds of revenue that is invested wholly and directly back into the Trust.

The result is better quality healthcare for all.

Our brief was to engineer the customer/patient and consultant value proposition.

It needed to compete distinctively in a highly complex and contested private healthcare market and generate increasing revenue and profits to support the NHS Trust and support recovery from the Covid pandemic. This all needed to be achieved within a close relationship to the NHS itself.


While the majority of private healthcare providers amplify their message of comfortable hospitality care and facilities, Imperial College Healthcare Private Care’s (re-named as a result of the project) strength lies in excellence in clinical healthcare.

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust is famous the world over for leading clinical excellence.

With the capability to manage highly complex healthcare needs well beyond the ability of most private healthcare providers, Imperial College Healthcare Private Care’s value proposition now amplifies clinical excellence and outcomes built upon an efficient and comfortable environment.

Our Approach

Robust data insight

Value engineering requires evidential data to underpin key decisions concerning the fundamental value drivers for clinicians, consultants and patients alike.

With expertise in research methodologies, workshop facilitation and data analysis, we built a comprehensive evidence base that consistently highlighted ‘clinical excellence’ as the determining factor across all segments.

Value proposition engineering

Creating a framework defining value to each key ‘customer’ segment centred on emphasising clinician/consultant quality and leading edge research whilst pulling closer to the NHS.

Whilst many would have assumed pulling away from the NHS would be a prerequisite, data firmly showed that the combination of clinical excellence and capability to deal with complex healthcare is fundamentally strengthened and legitimised through association with the NHS and the world-class university Imperial College London.

Excellence and innovation brought together uniquely as a customer value proposition.

Value Proposition Implementation

With a newly defined value framework, every aspect of the Imperial College Healthcare Private Care service offer in market is in the process of being re-aligned and addressed.

Customer-Centric Approach

The strategy was developed with customer understanding as its focal point.

It aimed not only to speak to new markets but also to resonate with diverse customer segments across patient, consultant and clinical communities, ensuring strong appeal and loyalty


The positive impact of the re-defined customer value proposition is being realised strategically and commercially…


Customer/Patient Engagement

The clarity of market positioning has created a distinctive offer within the highly competitive private healthcare sector.

Having the strategic advantage of being part of a world-renowned, research-driven teaching hospital Trust is an asset that most other private healthcare services cannot match.

Clinical excellence, progress and expertise is a sustainable source of differentiation that has been evidenced to be the primary value builder for consultants, clinicians and patients alike.

Colleague Engagement

Evidence strongly demonstrates the accepted strategic value of the Imperial College Healthcare Private Care offer as part of an extended provision of healthcare excellence that benefits all.

Market Extension

The focus on clinical excellence within the context of being part of a world-renowned hospital environment has facilitated and secured international alliances that extend healthcare excellence across the world.

Through their International Affiliate Network, the private care division at Imperial College Healthcare have an ambition to complement and develop local healthcare around the world.

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