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Is there a silent killer in your home?

Since 2008 we have been the creative engine behind consumer campaigns for Gas Safe Register, to make people aware of the dangers of gas, and advise them on what they can do to prevent major incidents, including carbon monoxide poisoning. We were challenged by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to develop a behaviour change campaign aimed at specific audiences, identified through research, to drastically change their attitude to gas safety, and book a yearly gas safety check. The Silent Killer was a design solution to engage and motivate long-term behaviour change. It ran in the North West of England and was the first time Gas Safe Register had aimed to persuade people to change their behaviour rather than simply raise awareness of the dangers of unsafe gas work. Insight, gathered from their own inspectors, highlighted as many as 1 in 5 gas installations were ‘unsafe’. Thorough audience segmentation revealed high-risk groups. We targeted two higher risk audiences of families and students. The design solution was a campaign brand- “The Silent Killer”. Deployed using a mix of online, local press, outdoor, events and even a spoof horror movie trailer steering consumers towards a campaign microsite motivating them to book an annual gas safety check or sign-up to an annual reminder. In five months Gas Safe achieved a staggering threefold increase in the number of higher risk households having an annual gas safety check. 26,700 pre-campaign rose to 80,150, that’s a total of 53,450 households.